4 Things Parents Need To Know About Transient Acantholytic Dermatitis

Transient acantholytic dermatosis, also known as Grover's disease, is a skin condition that is characterized by severe itching. Here are four things parents need to know about it. What are the signs of transient acantholytic dermatosis? If your child develops transient acantholytic dermatosis, you'll notice that they have crusted, red lumps on their skin. These lesions are itchy, sometimes severely so. Generally, this condition affects the trunk, upper legs, or upper arms, but it may be present in other areas of your child's skin as well. Read More 

3 Key Ways To Increase Your Own Health And Happiness While In An Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

When it comes to inpatient rehab facilities, many patients think that the simple fact that they are in a controlled environment means they can do whatever they want with regards to cleanliness and mental health. For example, one of the most commonly overlooked sources of illness in any hospital or rehab facility is food that has been left out for extended periods of time by a patient. Small health mishaps like these can greatly complicate your stay in a rehab facility, so it's up to the patient to make sure that he or she isn't creating any unnecessary hazards in his or her room. Read More 

Important Tests To Incorporate Into Your Employee New Hire Plan

If you've had a recent problem with your employees showing up late for work, drinking on the job or quitting unexpectedly, there may be several reasons why this is occurring. The main goal is to retain employees that are dedicated to their work and productive within every aspect of their workday. While there is a lot of information shared during an employee interview, other tests, including medical, can ensure that your new employee is healthy, sober and competent enough to work. Read More 

Do You Want A Sonogram Of Your Baby?

Ultrasound technology has advanced tremendously during the past 20 years. The original standard was a 2D sonogram but today there are 3D and 4D. The "D" stands for dimension. Read through this guide if you are not familiar with the different sonograms. Differences Among the Sonograms A two-dimensional image is flat and similar to a photograph but a sonogram is made from sound waves rather than light. It indicates whether the fetus is developing normally as it scans the bones and internal organs. Read More 

4 Tips For Dealing With Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy is arguably one of the most effective treatments for cancer, but it can bring some pretty unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, fatigue, hair loss and taste changes. The good news is that making some lifestyle changes can make things a little easier. Here are four helpful tips for dealing with chemotherapy side effects: Change Your Eating Habits Nausea is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy and is more common among women and people younger than 50, according to the Mayo Clinic. Read More