Important Tests To Incorporate Into Your Employee New Hire Plan

If you've had a recent problem with your employees showing up late for work, drinking on the job or quitting unexpectedly, there may be several reasons why this is occurring. The main goal is to retain employees that are dedicated to their work and productive within every aspect of their workday. While there is a lot of information shared during an employee interview, other tests, including medical, can ensure that your new employee is healthy, sober and competent enough to work. Here are some important tests to consider before you agree to accept your next employee.

Drug Test

An important test that every employee should take, especially if operating heavy machinery or working in the healthcare field is a drug test. Drug tests are used to detect prescription painkillers as well as illicit drugs that may be in the person's system. Most quality urine drug tests that are conducted through a health care clinic also look for oxidizing agents such as halogens and nitrates that could lead to a false negative on the employee's drug test. This is a good indicator that the employee has altered the test. Knowing that your new employee is drug-free will create a safer and more entrusted work environment.

Employee Physical

Sending your new hire or pre-hire to a reputable health care clinic for an employee physical will help detect underlying health issues. Hypertension, diabetes and muscle weakness may impact the way an employee does his job. It can also inform you of any existing medical problem that could lead to more sick days off to seek extended medical treatment. While discrimination issues could arise if you decide not to hire because of an illness, it's important to have a heads up so you can accommodate the employee once they're hired.

Job Specific Testing

A resume and cover letter are often some of the first impressions you have of a new employee. That doesn't mean that the information is completely accurate, including how well the employee can perform specific job tasks. Having an overview test of what the job will entail is a good way to make sure your employee will be able to perform all aspects of his job. Once you have the results from physical and drug test, this is the next step in completing the pre-employment screening process.

Background Checks

In addition to a complete health examination from a qualified health care clinic, a background check should also be conducted. This will help determine several things including:

  • Any aliases the employee may be using or has used in the past
  • Criminal history
  • Driving record and history
  • Length of time at previous employer
  • Character and personal integrity check through social media accounts

All of these factors can be considered when making the final decision to bring the employee on to work for your company.

Employee screening is important in today's workforce. Transparency is key when it comes to welcoming someone on board to represent your business.