Is It More Than A Minor Issue? Signs Your Child Needs Emergency Pediatric Care

When you have a child, you often need to worry about everything. Unfortunately, children don't come with instruction manuals. That means you need to trust your instincts a lot of the time. This is especially true where their health is concerned. When your child suffers injuries, you know to take them in for emergency care. But, sometimes it's hard to tell when your child needs emergency care from their pediatrician. Read the list provided below. If your child experiences any of the issues described below, contact their pediatrician. 

Drastic Changes in Appetite

If your child is like most, they'll have some appetite changes from time to time. For instance, your child may go through periods when their appetite fluctuates. Or, your child may go through periods when they don't like certain foods. In most cases, those types of appetite changes are normal. But, if you've noticed drastic appetite changes, it might be time to visit the pediatrician. 

Fever That Won't Go Away

If your child develops a fever, the first thing you need to do is give them a fever reducer. In most cases, fevers will go away with over-the-counter fever reducers. But, there are times when a fever can be a sign of something more serious. If your child has a fever that won't go away, or that continues to spike, it's time for an emergency visit with the pediatrician. 

Persistent Cold Symptoms

If your child has a cold, they're not alone. Most children get a few colds every year. That's a lot of sniffles. Most of the time, those sniffles will go away without any medical attention. If your child develops cold-like symptoms, make sure they get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. If their cold-like symptoms linger for more than a few days, or the symptoms get worse over time, seek emergency pediatric care for your child right away. Lingering or worsening cold symptoms can be a sign of more serious medical conditions. 

Recurrent Constipation 

If your child is constipated, the problem should resolve itself on its own. Many children get constipated from time to time. But, if your child develops other symptoms with their constipation, there may be cause for alarm. Some of the symptoms you should watch for include pain, bleeding, or abdominal swelling. If your child experiences any of those symptoms with their constipation, seek emergency pediatric care right away. 

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