Basic Questions And Answers Concerning Infusion Therapy

Ensuring that you are able to effectively take your medication will be essential for overcoming a variety of severe problems. While patients often think that taking their medications orally or through shots are the only options, but infusion can be an effective alternative.

Why Do Some Patients Need To Undergo Infusion Therapy?

There are many patients that may simply be unable to take the medications that they need. One common reason for this may be due to intense nausea or difficulty swallowing. Also, patients that are suffering from particularly severe conditions may need dosages that exceed what the body can effectively absorb through the digestion or injection process.

How Much Pain Will You Experience During Or From The Infusion Process?

During the infusion process, the medication is administered directly into the bloodstream of the patient. Unfortunately, some patients may assume that this means the entire process will be extremely painful. However, undergoing infusion therapy is often comparable to receiving a standard IV. Some patients may experience slightly more discomfort than others, but this will depend on the medication that is being used. Some medications can cause irritation, itching or other side effects.

Will Infusion Therapy Take Very Long To Complete?

To be able to safely and effectively perform the infusion process can take up to several hours. This is necessary as the medication will need to be gradually administered to the patient. Patients that are undergoing this treatment for the first time or that have recently had their medication changed may need longer. This is due to the need for the patient to be observed after this procedure to ensure that they will not have a negative reaction to the medications that were administered. Some medications can leave patients feeling drowsy following these sessions. If your doctor has warned you about this side effect, you may want to schedule these sessions for the end of the day so that you can minimize the disruptions caused by this side effect.

How Often Do Patients Need To Undergo An Infusion Treatment?

The frequency with which you will need to undergo infusion therapy is determined by many different factors. The leading consideration will be the severity of the condition. Many patients will only need this therapy on a weekly basis, but others suffering from extremely painful or dangerous conditions may need these sessions more frequently. Furthermore, it is common for patients that are just starting these treatments to require them more frequently at first. Periodic evaluations can be used to determine whether your treatment frequency needs adjusting.  Contact a clinic, like Idaho Arthritis Center, for more help.