A Cryotherapy Facial Could Be Your Solution For More Radiant Skin

Your dermatologist has different options for improving the health and appearance of your skin. One treatment you may want to try is a facial cryotherapy service. Cryotherapy has other uses in medicine because of its anti-inflammatory and energizing effects, and these effects can also improve the appearance of your skin with a simple, painless treatment. Here's what to expect with a cryotherapy session on your face.

You'll Probably Have Complementing Treatments

A cryotherapy treatment is often combined with other treatments for the best effect. You may start with cleaning the face followed by microdermabrasion to remove dead surface cells from the skin. Once the cryotherapy session is over, you might be given another type of facial or have serums applied. Because the dead surface skin is out of the way and your capillaries are expanding after being contracted by the cold cryotherapy treatment, the serums are deeply absorbed so you can benefit the most.

Cryotherapy Is Painless

Freezing your skin sounds like it would be painful, but your skin isn't actually frozen—that would be dangerous. Instead, the wand that emits the freezing vapor is kept in motion on your skin so it isn't in one place long enough to cause freezing or frostbite. Because of this, there is usually no pain associated with the treatment. You'll still feel the cold temperatures on your skin, but the sensation is tolerable.

Improved Skin Appearance Happens Right Away

The cold temperatures your skin is exposed to give it a glowing appearance right away. This is one of the nice benefits of a cryotherapy facial. If you want to look nice for an important event, you can have a facial and get quick results. However, improvements to your skin can also develop gradually, especially when you have repeat treatments. Some benefits your skin may receive from these treatments include glowing skin, decreased inflammation, improved color tone, firmer skin from collagen stimulation, reduced wrinkles or acne scars, improved skin texture, tighter skin, and an overall more youthful and radiant appearance.

Cryotherapy Has Advantages Over Other Treatments

When choosing the right treatments to undergo, cryotherapy may be your pick because of its advantages over other types of beauty treatments. There is no recovery time needed for this treatment, so you'll look great as soon as you walk from the dermatologist's office. These sessions are also less expensive than some other skin treatments, which makes it possible to have the sessions repeated to maintain radiant skin. There are no surgeries, chemicals, or painful needles involved. Instead, you get to enjoy a relaxing experience in your dermatologist's office being pampered with high-end skin care treatments that leave you feeling pretty and energized rather than sore and drained.