Lice Facts To Know

When you have children that are school-aged, they may come into contact with many a germ and health issue in their school career. One such health issue of concern to most parents is lice. Head lice are a major issue, particularly among elementary school age children. Get to know some of the important lice facts to know. Then, you can be sure you are doing everything you can for your child if they ever end up with a lice infestation. 

Lice Do Not Just Affect Dirty Children

The common misconception about head lice is that having them means the child (or adult) that contracts them is somehow dirty or unwashed. This is not the case at all. Children are simply more susceptible to lice than adults, for one thing. The pH levels of the skin in children is higher (more neutral) than in most adults who have a more acidic pH. Head lice are more commonly attracted to higher (more alkaline or neutral) pH levels. 

Any and all children can develop head lice. Children in school are in close proximity to one another in the classroom and at recess both. This makes it an ideal environment for lice to spread. Close contact is necessary for lice to spread because they cannot jump and do not survive long away from a human host. Overall, it is important to remember, the cleanest child, when exposed to head lice enough will more than likely get a head lice infestation. 

Lice Infestations Will Not Necessarily Get Children Sent Home from School

In years past, if a child was found to have head lice, they would be sent home from school and asked to return once the head lice had been properly treated. However, today this is not the policy at most public schools. Children that have head lice are able to continue attending school, with or without treatment. This is to prevent children from missing out on important lessons but also takes into account the fact that head lice infestations are quite common and relatively harmless (if not very uncomfortable). 

Lice Are Easily Treatable

The good news about head lice, if your child ever suffers an infestation, is that the condition is easily treatable. You can get treatments to use at home, which are generally medicated shampoos and a lice comb to get the nits out of your child's hair. You can also take your child in for professional lice treatments and prescription medications. Generally, a doctor will want you to try the over-the-counter options first as they are usually effective as well.

Now that you know some of the important lice facts to know, you can be sure you know what to expect if your child suffers from head lice. Talk to a business like Comb It Out Lice Removal for more details.