4 Things You Should Know About ThermiVa

Has age resulted in your vagina not being as tight as you desire it to be? You can actually undergo a minor procedure known as ThermiVa that will tighten your vagina, and no surgery will be necessary to obtain results. In this article, you will find helpful information in regards getting your vagina tightened via the ThermiVa procedure.

How Is the ThermiVa Procedure Performed?

During the ThermiVa procedure, thermal energy will be delivered to different areas of your vagina. The heat is delivered via an electrode that is thin and slightly curved. The specialist will have the ability to control the amount of heat that is being released. Basically, a small amount will be used in the beginning to make sure you are comfortable, and the amount will be gradually increased. The electrode will be passed over your labia as well as placed inside of your vagina to promote the production of collagen.

Does the ThermiVa Procedure Cause Pain?

The ThermiVa procedure does not involve anything that will cause pain. The only thing that you will feel is the heat coming from the electrode. The great thing is that even the heat will not be too hot to cope with. You will not need any anesthesia during the procedure, and everything will be done in less than an hour.

Is Vaginal Tightening the Only Benefit?

One of the additional benefits of undergoing the ThermiVa procedure is that you will be able to hold your urine longer until you can make it to a restroom. Your vagina will also become moister, meaning you not have to worry about the pain of dry skin rubbing together during sexual intercourse. It is likely that you will also notice that your orgasms will not take as long to occur.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Once you undergo one session of the ThermiVa procedure, the tightening will continue for at least a few months after. The effects will not last for a lifetime, but they will last for a satisfactory amount of time. You have the option of going back for additional sessions if you notice that your vagina is becoming loose again. You don't have to worry about any harm being done by getting additional sessions in the future, as the procedure is safe. Speak to a professional such as Caring For Women about the ThermiVa procedure so you can determine if moving forward with it to tighten your vagina is a good idea.